Teddy Named Hollywood


Very often a very old teddy bear will be discovered when his owner has either passed away or has to go into a care home. Usually I am happy to say, the teddy has been a life long companion and moves in with the companion's next of kin but then again a sad old teddy can be found when a house is cleared, sometimes he can be found in a loft, in a spare room, at the back of a wardrobe or even in the garden shed.  Then comes the question of what do we do with the old teddy bear and is he worth saving, a decision that sometimes I am faced with.

Just how much love is enough? When a teddy is discovered I am asked this question followed by 'Is he worth restoring?' To be honest I feel it is never too late for a teddy bear to be brought back to life, the question for me is how much restoration should be given.

Personally I like a bear to keep his character and so I prefer a teddy to be restored as far as securing him. I don't like my old friends to be blind either.  Maybe if he has just one eye, well that is for his new owners to decide upon but to be completely blind for me is unacceptable and I have to give him new eyes so he can appreciate, once again, the wonderful world he lives in.

This beautiful old teddy bear came to live with me just a couple of days ago...I named him Hollywood, not sure why, it just seemed to suit him, plus I want him to be a star once again.  At the moment he is in a sick bay here at my house waiting for a new glass eye to arrive.  I also need to do a little bit of work on his ears.  Then looking at him, he is not as bad as I first thought.  I know he does not have a single strand of fur left on his old body, but that is OK by me.  He has tons of wonderful old vintage stitches which tells me that this old bear has had tons of love during his previous life, which is more than OK by me and I will not disturb these stitches because they are all a part of his character.

I think I will give him a nice warm sweater to keep him warm now that summer is set to leave us soon and as he has no fur, well !!!!!

So to answer the question 'How Much Love s Enough?' and 'Is My Old Teddy Bear Worth Repairing?' well it is really a matter of how you feel personally but don't ever write off your teddy please and if he is in such a state that you don't know what to do with him anymore, then send him on to me and I will look after him.

Lorraine x