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Teddy Bears and Us

Old Teddy Bears and Us.

Welcome to our website - Gino’s Bears.  We hope you will enjoy looking at the wonderful selection of our Antique Teddy Bears and related teddy items that we have for sale on our site.

Named after one of my very special bears, - Gino Bear  - who came to live with me back in 1999. Although I already had a large collection of Teddy Bears, I was looking for a Bear who I could take racing with me, more of a friend than a mascot, but nevertheless, a bear who would keep me company and who I could tallk to about cars. Of course, he would have to be a strong bear and he would also have to be large enough to sit beside me when I was driving. He had to have true grit.

I looked at loads and loads of Teddy Bears, both old and new, who would easily fit my needs but they didn't quite have "it"; whatever "it" was. Then quite accidentally really, I bumped into a a very special Steiff Teddy Bear and when I saw him, I just knew immediately that 'He Was The One.' At the time I was racing Italian cars and so he had to have a true Italian name and Gino seemed to suit him down to the ground.  Then it hapened, not only did Gino Bear become my racing companion but he also became my travelling companion and yes we often visit Italy together.

So when I decided to start an on-line business specialising in Old Teddy Bears, it seemed only right to name the business after Gino (my best bear friend!).

My love of Teddy Bears didn't really begin there, infact I've loved them, or you could say I've been fascinated by them, since the day I was born when I received my first ever Teddy named Sooty, a wonderful Old Pedigree Bear and I've been collecting and receiving them from friends and relatives ever since.

I've had to move house three times to accommodate my ever growing collection and it seemed to make sense to 'deal' in teddies, and that way I could still be surrounded by them all day and every day and I could enjoy their company as long as they stayed with me...and I do, every single one of them.  Every bear who comes to stay with me whether forever or until I find them new homes have such amazing personality and each of them is different in their own way, especially the wonderful Old Bears; and the stories they have to tell sometimes break my heart.

My love of teddies don't stop here. I spend lots of my time writing books and magazine articles about them and giving talks around the country (and I've even been known to do the odd TV appearances too) and when I'm not doing all of this, you will find me racing fast cars with Gino Bear.

We would just mention at this point, that all the Old Teddies shown on this site are not suitable for children.  They are strictly for adult collectors due to the very way they are made, you see in days gone by, teddies had metal stalks on their eyes, which is not safe for children and they had rather unsafe stuffing and joints too.

So both Gino and I hope you will enjoy visiting our site, and if you do have any questions on any of the Bears we are selling please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help.

Lorraine (and Gino Bear)   xxxx

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