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My name is Gino Bear.  I am a Steiff Bear, about fifteen years old, very good looking and admired by women the world over.  I have always lived with my present keepers, they introduced me to Italian cars and racing and I took to it like a bear to water.  I love anything Italian (hence my name Gino,which my keepers thought was a good name for an Italian Teddy Bear) but I especially love Italian cars and racing them on tracks around the world with my keepers.  I have raced on Silverstone, Castle Coombe, Imola and Le Mans, to name but a few, I have also been on Prescott Hill Climb.  I have entered (and finished) the Cannonball Run (not many teddy bears can say that), I also have the medals to prove it.  I have met many famous people, including Nigel Mansell who thought I was a very cool bear. I must also mention my great love of Porsche too, truly very awesome cars.

I love travelling and my keepers take me all over the world travelling with them.  I have of course, been to Italy on many occasions where I visited the Blue Grotto in Capri and the Vatican in Rome.  I’ve climbed Etna in Sicily and Vesuvius in the Bay of Naples   I have sailed on board the QE2 and QM2 and I have visited New York   I have been to the top of the Empire State Building and visited Jazz Clubs on Broadway which is not bad for a Teddy Bear like me.

I will tell you more about my travels and my racing exploits as time goes by (visit Gino's Page) and I will also be introducing you to some of my old teddy bear friends; some of them are old friends who live with me and my keepers.

I would like to find homes for some of my old teddy bear friends and maybe you will stop by my site now and again and see if you are interested in giving an Old Teddy Bear like me (although some of the bears are Antique Teddy Bears or Vintage Teddy Bears who are older and not quite as good looking as me), a good home.  I would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about me, my Old Bear friends, my keepers or Italian Cars and racing, just email me.  In the meantime look after your Old Teddy Bears.  All my love.

Keep Racing…..

Ciao Gino  …. x

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