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Gino Bear

We sell Old & Antique Teddy Bears.

My name is Gino Bear.  I am a Steiff Bear, about seventeen years old, very good looking and admired by women the world over.  I have always lived with my present keepers, they introduced me to fast cars and racing and I took to it like a bear to water.  I love anything Italian (hence my name Gino,which my keepers thought was a good name for an Italian Teddy Bear) and I especially love Italian cars (the first cars I ever raced was Italian).  I have raced on many tracks around the world.  I have entered (and finished) the Cannonball Run (not many Teddy Bears can say that, can they?) and I have the medals to prove it.  I have met many famous people and racing drivers, including Nigel Mansell who thought I was a very cool bear.

When I am not racing cars I run a Teddy Bear Shop where you will find all manner of Old & Antique Teddy Bears for sale.

Whether you like Old Bears, New Bears, Classic Teddy Bears, Vintage Bears, Artist Teddy Bears, Dressed Bears (or naked), Musical Bears, Replica Teddy Bears, Mascot Bears, Teddy Bear Songs, Teddy Bear Stories, poems and information - your love affair could be just beginning....  All my love.

And keep Racing…..

Ciao Gino  …. x

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